back-painBack pain can be extremely debilitating and affects people from all walks of life. In the UK, it is the leading cause of employees taking time off work, with 7 million visits to the GP annually. Symptoms include sciatica, stiffness, pulled muscles, spasms and a host of other non-specific back pain.

On arrival at the clinic, I will discuss your history and examine you to assess the cause and extent of the pain. From there, I will devise an appropriate treatment plan.

My aim is for you to leave the clinic with less pain and more mobility – from your very first visit.

I may sometimes suggest a treatment that combines a variety of techniques, such as osteopathy and acupuncture. We will always talk through the treatment plan in advance, to ensure that you are comfortable.

Alongside your visits to the clinic, you might be interested in further reading to understand and improve your condition. I recommend Barrie Savory’s acclaimed book, ‘The Good Back Guide’.