Stephen Sacks is a leading osteopath who practises in Harley Street and Highgate, North London

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Stephen specialises in all aspects of osteopathy, acupuncture, dry needling and electrotherapy. He treats all conditions, from back and knee pain to headaches and throat problems. He has travelled internationally to teach as well as treat.

Stephen is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and The British Osteopathic Association and is a member of The British Medical Acupuncture Society and the International Myopain Society.

You can book an appointment with Stephen or one of our other practicioners online, visit our clinics, or call us at 020 3865 9044.

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FAQs about osteopathy

You can visit at Consulting Rooms, 104 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 7JD or Pond Square Health Clinic, 18A Pond Square, London, N6 6BA.

Osteopathic treatment sessions are £130 in Harley Street and £90 in Highgate. Each client’s treatment needs are unique; however, I typically suggest no fewer than 6 sessions to start with.

This is a matter of patient choice. Clearly, a biased approach recommends osteopathy.

Most insurance companies are accepted. AXA PPP is not accepted. BUPA is more readily accepted in Highgate due to their charge caps. Please speak to reception re: BUPA.

There are some hospitals in London that have access to osteopathy as part of there MSK pathways.

Half an hour is usually the norm and sufficient.

A thorough history, diagnosis and treatment will happen at the first consultation.

Though commonly thought to treat bones or the spine, the scope of what an osteopath treats is diverse and spans conditions.

Yes. An osteopath will be careful and considered will all conditions. It must be remembered that pregnancy is physiological and not pathological! With pregnancy and the changes that it brings to the body, the process can be made easier and more comfortable.

Yes, an osteopath has to be regulated by the General Osteopathic Council. My registration number is 6966.