One of my favourite things to treat is TMJ, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ gives us pain around our jaw, mostly at night but it can be at other times as well. It can also cause other pains, like headaches or earache. There are some muscles that move the jaw, and generally the ones I find most effective to deal with are the internal muscles of the jaw.

Remedying TMJ is not the most gentle of treatments and can be quite painful at the time. The technique is to manipulate the muscles on the inside of your jaw with a gloved hand, and in doing so it can release the jaw. I often tell patients that they will not like me while I do it but they will love me afterwards! There has never been a time when a patient said “you were wrong”.

There are ways to relieve TMJ pain on your own using painkillers and ice packs, but these can be temporary fixes since you are not able to get as deep as you might through osteopathic manipulation. Nevertheless it is helpful to do whatever you can once you feel the pain coming on so that you can alleviate the discomfort.

The release of the jaw feels wonderful. People find that they can eat better and are always pleased with the looseness and the ability to open their jaw more than they could before the treatment.

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