How Osteopathy Could Clear Your Throat – The Hyoid

Written by Stephen Sacks – Medically reviewed by Stephen Sacks – Last updated November 1, 2014

On Friday, 31 October ’14, we hosted a lovely group of Italian osteopaths who travelled to our clinic for a 3 day course. Barrie Savory, being well recognised internationally, is a draw to international practitioners who want to come and learn from the best.

I taught the importance of treatment of the throat via the hyoid bone. This influences and, indeed, can cause sore throats, laryngitis, affect breathing, sleep apnoea and snoring, swallowing and reflux.

The lecture led to a practical demonstration which, helpfully, I carried put on one of the osteopaths who happened to have a chronic sinus, breathing and phlegm condition. After the 2 minute treatment, he admitted easier breathing and swallowing and a feeling of easing in his upper respiritory tract. All were impressed and easily carried out the procedure in practice.
Osteopathy is not only about backs. See a competant osteopath who knows how to carry out this procedure before rushing for an throat operation.